Automodular – Activist Action

So Automodular fell from $2.52 to $2.17 in the last two days on the news that an activist investor owning 6.7% has joined the company’s board.

…. and yes, you read that right.


I’m rarely bothered by fluctuations in stock prices, but I thought that was funny, so I bought myself 1,000 shares in protest of the market’s reaction.


  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if you’re aware of any resources that describe how people can lookup insider transactions and holdings in Canada similar to SEC 13-f and form and 3,4,5 forms in the United States. Thanks!


    1. Hello, there is a website called SEDI that has all of the insider trading stuff.

      Insider holdings are normally on SEDAR, contained in the management information circulars that companies file every year.

      I’m not sure about mutual fund holdings (like a 13F). I think you may be able to locate those on SEDI or just the asset manager’s website.

      I actually received the activist news on Automodular in a company news release which was relayed through Google alert. Hope that helps


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